Evergreen Adventures offers a wide variety of tours. Tours can be arranged with the options of day, overnight to several days. Packages tours can be customized to suit your desired taste and travel needs.



Nature Excursion
This 4 day/ 3 night tour takes you to visits to Marshall Falls, Parrot Island, Fort Island and Bartica amoung other places for a true Nature Experience.


 South American Adventure
- 3 days in Paramaribo – City Tour, Commewijine Plantations Boat Trip, sunset and Dolphins.
- 3 Days in Guyana – City Tour, Kaieteur/Baganara Tour, Marshall Falls Tour.
- 3 Days in Brazil – Backpacking & Camping.


Rupununi Excursion
Experience this once in a lifetime trip to see 741ft of raw power, the majestic Kaieteur falls, fly through the Gorge until you see the full impact of the waterfall.  Contrast this with the cascading effect at Orinduik fall located on the Ireng River



Adventure Guyana Tour
This tour features includes 2 nights in Georgetown
- Fort Island
- Marshall Falls
- Parrot Island
- 1 night at Baganara Resort
- 2 nights at Karanambu
- 1 night at River Lodge
- 1 Night at Surama Eco Lodge- 1 Night at Rock View


Suriname Getaway 
This Suriname Adventure will include visits to:
- Sunset & Dolphins Tour
- Commewjine Plantations Boat Trip
- Paramaribo City Tour



Two Guianas Tour 
Guided tour to the mighty Kaieteur Falls . Embrace nature at its very best.   
- 2 Nights - Our Island Resort – Baganara
- Marshall Falls
- Parrot Island
- Fort Island (Dutch History)
- Kyk-Over-Al (Dutch History)
- Bartica
- Guyana Heritage Museum

                                                                - Sunset & Dolphins Tour
                                                                - Commewjine Plantations Boat Trip
                                                                - Paramaribo City Tour        


Three Guianas Tour 
Tour Features:
- 2 Nights in Georgetown
- Georgetown City Tour
- 2 Nights in the Rupununi Savannahs
- Visit to the Iwokrama Canopy Walkway
- 2 Nights in Suriname
- 2 Nights in French Guiana


Additional Package Tours are listed in our E-Brochure.

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