Tour Highlights –

  • Sunset & Dolphins Tour

  • Commewjine Plantations Boat Trip

  • Paramaribo City Tour

Length of Experience – 
4 Days / 3 Nights

Conditions –     

  • Based on Double Occupancy
  • Breakfast included at the hotel, other meals available on the tours provided with soft beverages
  • Alcoholic Beverages not included
  • Airport Shuttle Transportation included
  • Airfare to Suriname Included
  • Accommodation included in Suriname


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Day 1: Arrival & Sunset and Dolphins Tour

Depart Guyana on a Trans Guyana Airways/GUM Air scheduled flight for Suriname. On arrival in Paramaribo you’ll check into your hotel. You’ll then have the chance to settle into your room, explore the area or do some shopping.

In the afternoon you’ll set off on your first boat adventure, a dolphin spotting tour. You’ll enjoy the tranquility of the river and the beautiful scenery while sipping a refreshing (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) drink. Snacks will be provided.

The boat will idle for a while allowing the more curious dolphins to come close. If you see their small eyes glistening above the water surface when they move through the water, this probably means that they are in for a play.

As the sun shows you the beauty of a Surinamese sunset, you’ll continue in the direction of the estuary at the Atlantic Ocean. When it gets dark, you’ll make your way back to the jetty at Leonsberg.

Overnight at Premium Hotel


Day 2: Parimaribo City Tour

After breakfast at your hotel you’ll be taken on a tour of the unique and intriguing city of Parimaribo. Our guide will accompany you for a walk through the streets of the city where you’ll see the old wooden colonial buildings that have been well preserved. Buildings like the St. Peter and Paul cathedral and the presidential palace have a unique symmetric wooden architecture whose historical value has earned them a place on the UNESCO list of world heritage.

You’ll also visit the Central Market place where you’ll have the chance to learn more about the variety of fruit, vegetables, spices and other goods that Suriname has to offer. The guide will proudly tell you about the Surinamese cuisine available which you’ll then get to sample.

You’ll then visit the Keizerstraat where a Mosque and a Synagogue stand next to one another in peace. This is just one of the many examples of the multiculturalism of Suriname that you’ll come across that make its people so proud. You’ll then head over to Fort Zeelandia where the guide will give you the details of its rich history. This tour will give you a great sense of the culture, the people and the food that make Suriname what it is.

Overnight at Premium Hotel – B


Day 3: Commewjine Plantations Boat Trip

After breakfast your day starts with the Commewijine Plantations Boat trip going down the Suriname River. This is a district well-known for its many historical plantations. You’ll start off at Leonsberg, then going down the river in a traditional boat you’ll arrive at Nieuw – Amsterdam.

There you’ll find an open-air historical museum with a fort built in 1734 by Dutch colonists. This place was chosen strategically to build this fort because it is the point where the Suriname and the Commewijne Rivers merge with a perfect view of the Atlantic Ocean. This set up was meant to protect the plantations behind the fort against their English and French enemies.

After sight-seeing at the fort, you’ll then go further down the river to a former plantation, Rust en Werk. There you’ll see a picturesque fishermen village and the remainders of the old colonial coffee and sugar plantations where you’ll experience the simple way of life of the offspring of the contract workers who still live there.

The highlight of the tour is the splendidly restored plantation Fredericksdorp. On this former coffee plantation you’ll learn more about plantation life during the colonial time and have the opportunity to explore. On the way back you’ll make a quick stop at the plantation Johan- Margaretha, an active plantation where farmers grow several plants such as cassava, bananas and peppers. You’ll then return back to your hotel for a relaxing evening in the city.

Overnight at Premium Hotel– B


Day 4: Departure

After breakfast, a car will take you back to the Zorg-en-hoop Airport to catch your flight back to Guyana via Trans Guyana Airways / Gum Air scheduled flight.


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