Timberhead Rainforest Resort is located on the Pokerero Creek which is a tributary of the Kamuni River, which in itself is a vein off the mighty Demerara.

The resort and lodge are not far from Santa Mission, an
Amerindian village and volunteer centre in the same area.

For guests visiting Timberhead Resort, a boat
from Prairie Hotel will be taken down these waterways through the rainforest, a visual treat as the canopy
looms over the glassy water.

At Timberhead, guests will have access to each of the three hand-built native lodges, the creek, the
savannah and the surrounding rainforest.

You can explore and search for wildlife or relax in the shade of the waterfront benab, it’s up to you. Some guests prefer to hike through the nature trails or go canoeing down the creek in the hopes of spotting caiman and other fauna (trained guides are available for guests who require their expertise).

Location: Pokerero Creek (Kamuni, Demerara).

Region:  3

All Inclusive:  Includes transportation (road and river), accommodation, meals, local bar, activities  and guides.

No. of Rooms:  3 (double or twin accommodation in native thatched lodges)

Swimming: Yes (in creek)

Conference Facilities:   No

Access:   Road (in reaching the Prairie Hotel) and then River (boats are taken from the hotel down the river and creek to the Timberhead Rainforest Resort)

Activities: Swimming, jungle walks, nature trails, visits to the Amerindian village of Santa Mission, Caiman spotting and bird watching.

Birding is also a major attraction of Timberhead for naturists as here, we boast over 200 species of birdlife, most of which nest in the forest right around the resort.
After enjoying your day, retreat to your private lodge and your crisp linen sheets for a restful and restorative night’s sleep.

Come join us and experience the Timberhead Rainforest Resort!

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